by weineradmin

At KWA we have brought Replevin actions on behalf of our clients to recover cars, boats, construction equipment, tools of the trade, jewelry and other personal possessions and have been doing so since we began our practice in 1985. A Replevin is a statutory remedy seeking a court order granting possession in collateral or property by virtue of a security interest or a claim of ownership. Some clients have additional rights and claims that KWA can assist in protecting. They include second causes of action for past due rentals or deficiency balances, civil actions for conversion, and emergency orders of possession in circumstances where goods may spoil or be in danger of being removed from the courts’ jurisdiction.

We work with our clients to quickly file their replevin and obtain a court order of possession and we do so for all types of collateral.  Below is a list of replevin services we provide:

  • Pre-Replevin Demand Letters
  • Skip Tracing (reduces service delays)
  • Emergency Orders of Possession
  • Bond Posting Assistance
  • Final & Permanent Orders Granting Possession
  • Defense Litigation (disputed claims of possession)
  • Accompany Sheriff (during execution of the order)
  • Avoidance of Storage Fees
  • Actions for Conversion
  • Second Causes for Money Due
  • Show Cause Motions