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The KWA Real Estate Practice Group provides comprehensive legal services to clients that need to recover possession of real estate from tenants or former owners. KWA offers eviction representation in every county in Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Wisconsin. We employ our extensive knowledge and a network of resources to quickly resolve your case. The breadth and depth of our experience will ensure your efforts to regain possession of your real estate will meet or exceed all applicable regulatory mandates.

We can obtain an order of eviction on residential and commercial leases as well as after foreclosure sale as needed.  We deliver by providing the following:

  • Preparation and service of Three-Day Notices
  • Preparation and service of Tenancy Termination Notices
  • Issuance of Writs of Possession
  • Initiation of Forcible Entry and Detainer Actions
  • Initiation of Second Cause Money Damages Actions
  • Voluntary Move-out Agreements
  • PTFA Notifications
  • Assist landlords in joining landlord registries as may be required by local ordinances