Make A Payment

Make A Payment
by William Seelbach
Need COVID-19 Relief?
Open Letter From KWA Management:

We thank you for visiting our website. Many of you may come here to make payment on your account (that we are collecting in behalf of our clients). We greatly appreciate your efforts and we know that these are difficult and extraordinary times for you… really for all of us. You should know that if you call our office we will listen to what you have to say and try to accommodate you as best as we are able. You will be treated respectfully and with dignity so don’t shy away.

We also wanted to share the sites below which provide financial relief info and maybe other info that can help you. We will continue to grow this list so check back periodically.

Again, thank you for visiting our site. We hope that you and your family remain healthy.


Making payments online just got easier! Click the “Pay KWA” link above to make an online check payment or propose a payment plan.

For your protection, you must enter your routing and account numbers each time you make an online payment. To schedule recurring payments, please call our office at 866-368-6500.


Do you owe a debt to the Ohio Attorney General (State of Ohio)? If you prefer to pay the State of Ohio directly, click the link above to make a check or credit card payment (fees may apply). You may also use the “Pay KWA” link above to make a check payment without a fee.

COVID-19 Information and Relief Links:

These websites are provided for educational purposes only.  The firm makes no representation as to your eligibility for any benefits, the quality of any public/private benefits, nor does the presentation of any information form an attorney-client relationship.

Need Help Finding Benefits Anywhere Nationwide?

Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates from Federal and State Governments: