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KWA is a leader in consumer, commercial and governmental debt collection.  We maintain the highest degree of ethical and legal compliance standards and work efficiently to recover your funds through pre-legal, legal and post judgment collection phases.  Respect for all parties is ingrained in our culture.  We stay in contact with our clients through YGC, and Fair Isaac software platforms as well as our own proprietary platform where clients can view all activity and documents on their accounts.  Additionally, all data is encrypted at rest and secured in our private cloud environment.  We can help you recover your charge offs, and delinquent receivables, while protecting your reputation and focusing on the significance of the original promise made between the parties.

Industries Represented

  • Automobile Loans and Leases
  • State & Municipal Income Tax Debt
  • Credit Cards
  • Student Loans (tuition & federal guaranteed loans)
  • Equipment Rentals, Leases & Repairs
  • Retail Consumer Loans & Accounts
  • Commercial Loans & Accounts
  • Landlord/Tenant Collections
  • Second Mortgage Collections

Our collection services locate skips, uncover assets, and communicate with consumers before, during and after suit to increase the likelihood of debt resolution.  Our collection services include:

  • Skip-tracing/Asset Searches
  • Written Demand for Payment
  • Telephonic Demand for Payment by Experienced Debt Collectors
  • Collection Lawsuits
  • Post Judgment Executions
  • Replevins
  • Mechanics’ Liens