What We Do

What We Do
by weineradmin

KWA is a full service debt collection Law Firm. We enforce defaulted obligations on consumer, commercial and governmental accounts through pre-legal collections and by filing suit with the courts. On most accounts, before we file suit we reach out to consumers in an effort to achieve an amicable resolution. In all communications, we treat all parties with dignity and respect. This is what we do each day and each day we strive to do it better than the day before.

To Potential Clients, call us if:

  • You are in need of a proactive collection partner that you can depend upon.
  • You believe regulatory compliance and data security are of overriding utmost importance.
  • You enjoy working with professional people that are easy to do business with.
  • You like the idea of hiring Firm that is a leader in the industry and is trustworthy.
  • You want a Firm that has the knowledge, experience, and processes to get the job done.

To the Consumers who are indebted to our Clients, call us if:

  • You receive a letter or phone call. Please don’t ignore us. It usually makes matters worse.
  • You wish to resolve the matter. We are not rude.  We will treat you with respect.
  • You don’t understand why we have reached out to you… We can explain.
  • You would like to make a phone payment or one through our website and need help.
  • You want us to verify the debt, cease all communications, or explain your situation.