KWA has a new HR manager

Article by: KWA

KWA is pleased to announce the hiring of its new HR Manager, Brad Hanson. Our search took over 4 months as we interviewed several qualified candidates. Brad stood out based upon his prior experience at CommutAir where he was employed as an HRIS Administrator and an HR Generalist and by virtue of his strong background in computer software, and familiarity with ADP software and processes. Brad is also attending evening classes for his Master’s in Business Administration with a focus on Human Resources Management at John Carroll University…. Read More >

KWA volunteers at NARCA 2017 Summer Litigation Boot Camp

Article by: KWA

On June 23, 2017, Michael Berkowitz, who is KWA’s managing collection attorney, volunteered his time at the NARCA 2017 Summer Litigation Boot Camp sponsored by the National Creditor’s Bar Association/NARCA to discuss the business records exception to Ohio’s Hearsay rule, specifically, Ohio Evidentiary Rule 803(6)…. Read More >

Cleveland Marshall Alumni Association Community Outreach

Article by: KWA

On June 24, 2017, the Firm’s principal, Keith Weiner, volunteered along with other Cleveland Marshall graduates to provide legal advice and counsel to individuals and families living in the City of Cleveland.  The event was sponsored by the Social Outreach Committee of the Cleveland Marshall Law Alumni Association and the Legal Aid Society of Cleveland.  Marshall Grads with experience in numerous legal areas, such as landlord-tenant or domestic relations, were on hand to provide advice and counsel and in some cases accept pro-bono referrals.  Keith Weiner was able to help a few folks with debtor/creditor issues.  The event was organized by Cleveland Magistrate Pablo Castro who serves as the Chair Person of the Social Outreach Committee.  All in all it was a great event.  The Cleveland residents who received counsel were very appreciative and the Cleveland Marshall graduates receive the reward of helping others.

2014 Guide To Collection Law Seminar – Update

Article by: KWA

KWA’s own Scott Paris presented two sessions at the National Business Institute’s 2014 Guide to Collection Law Seminar on May 5, 2014: The Telephone Consumer Protection Act Compliance; and Collecting Through the Bankruptcy Process. Written materials can be found here:

2014 Guide to Collection Law Seminar

Article by: KWA

KWA’s own Scott Paris will be presenting at the National Business Institute’s 2014 Guide to Collection Law Seminar. Scott will be conducting two sessions: The Telephone Consumer Protection Act Compliance; and Collecting Through the Bankruptcy Process. This seminar will be held on May 5, 2014 at the Holiday Inn Independence, Ohio. Information on registration and/or purchase of written materials can be found at:

Ohio Contemplates Sales Tax on Service Industry: How this may affect your legal bill and your business in the Buckeye State

Article by: Dean Kanellis

Ohio’s Governor Kasich has proposed a two-year budget plan for Ohio that focuses on cutting income tax, while broadening the scope of the state sales tax. The proposal would impose a tax on formerly exempt services, such as accounting and legal services. Governor Kasich’s budget plan would reduce the sales tax rate from the current 5.5% to 5%, but would ultimately increase the state’s revenue from sales tax by widening the scope of taxable services…. Read More >

William M. LeRoy: A New PHOENIX Rises

Article by: Dean Kanellis

13531_william_leroyPERSON OF THE WEEK: By all accounts, William M. LeRoy has the right to rest on his laurels: A 23-year industry veteran and founding CEO of the American Legal & Financial Network, he is one of the most respected leaders in the mortgage banking world. But LeRoy doesn’t have time to rest on his laurels – he recently launched a new national attorney organization called The PHOENIX Group Network LLC, which serves the mortgage servicing industry. MortgageOrb spoke with LeRoy about this new undertaking and the state of mortgage servicing….”

Read More: MortgageOrb — A New Phoenix Rises

Our Fees

Our fees are competitive and conform to industry standards. In most instances, the following fee arrangements are available:

1. Collection matters are handled on a contingency fee basis, but an hourly option is available and sometimes requested by clients who hold large balance claims. At a clients’ request, fees for collection matters can be billed on a per item flat fee basis for letters, pleadings, motions, and executions.

2. Uncontested foreclosures and related bankruptcy and eviction matters are most often billed on a flat fee basis according to the Fannie Mae guidelines. Contested matters, and counterclaims, generally require additional flat fee or hourly billing, subject to client approval;

3. Uncontested replevin cases are also handled on a flat fee basis. If the right to recover possession is opposed, the matter is converted to an hourly fee basis, upon client approval;

4. Mechanic’s lien matters are treated the same as replevin cases, unless they involve multiple properties, or otherwise relate to unusual subject matter;

5. Our firm is also pioneering the availability and use of alternative fee arrangements (“AFA’s”) for legal services that have traditionally been billed hourly. The availability of AFA’s is a product of our firm’s ambition to deliver legal services in an efficient and cost-effective manner, and help clients more effectively forecast and contain costs. AFA’s are available for an ever expanding range of matters, including litigation defense, discovery disputes, and appellate practice.