KWA Expands Bankruptcy and Replevin Practice Adding Two Top Attorneys

KWA Expands Bankruptcy and Replevin Practice Adding Two Top Attorneys
by KWA

By: Keith D. Weiner, Owner/Attorney Keith D. Weiner and Associates
Cleveland, Ohio

Keith Weiner & Assoc. Co. L.P.A. (KWA) is excited to announce that Cynthia A. Jeffrey and Thomas L. Canary Jr., two highly respected and experienced bankruptcy attorneys in the creditor’s rights industry have joined our Firm as of November 2nd. Cindy, who has been licensed in Ohio since 1994, will join KWA as its Director of Bankruptcy and will be practicing in KWA’s Cleveland Office. Tom, who has been licensed in Kentucky since 1984, (and also holds law licenses in Ohio, Indiana and West Virginia), will join KWA as its Senior Bankruptcy Attorney, practicing in KWA’s Kentucky office. In addition to his bankruptcy and replevin experience, Tom is also very well versed in debt collection law and is the author of Thompson Reuters Kentucky Collection Manual.

These two fine practitioners will help KWA expand its bankruptcy, replevin and collection practices as well as providing leadership and direction for future growth. Such growth includes KWA’s plans to expand it Mid-West Regional presence to include Indiana and West Virginia to compliment the services it offers in Ohio, (KWA’s Hub), Wisconsin and Kentucky, (KWA’s two satellite locations).

We trust you too are excited with this announcement. Now, more than ever, we stand ready to assist you with your recovery needs and to do so in a professional, respectful and efficient manner. We understand our role in the financial industry. At all times, especially during this Pandemic period, we have been able to tailor strategies to meet your needs and will continue doing so long into the future.

So, once again, we extend a heartfelt welcome to Cindy and Tom in joining our work family. KWA also welcomes their clients who recognize Cindy and Tom’s experience, skill and professionalism by continuing to entrust them with their business here at KWA.

Finally, we wish all of our clients their staff, and families, and all those reading this message good health and a dose of sanity during this Pandemic period.