KWA Seeks Nomination for NCBA Community Service Award

KWA Seeks Nomination for NCBA Community Service Award
by KWA

Since 1985, Keith D. Weiner & Associates Co. LPA (KWA) has operated on the premise that the people at KWA make the difference when it comes to providing its clients with quality service, and inspiring client trust and confidence.  Likewise, KWA also believes its people can make a difference through their charitable works in the communities where the firm’s offices are located.

In 2008, KWA created a Charity Committee to identify, plan and execute fundraising events and volunteer projects.  The Committee rotates its membership in an effort to stay innovative and keep everyone involved in making a difference.  As a result, more than 85% of KWA employees have donated their time, money or supplies this year!

KWA hopes to make a broad impact on the community first, by taking suggestions from employees on which charities to support, and then by designating a different charitable organization every six months to benefit from the firm’s fundraisers and volunteer efforts. When it comes to planning fundraising events, the Charity Committee strives for creativity so they can be as beneficial as possible and provide fun for the whole firm. For example, this year the Firm held a Texas Hold ‘Em tournament at a local community center.  The Firm also converted its vending machines into opportunities to donate, with all proceeds going to charity.  In past years, the firm has held school supply and food donation drives.  A legendary event that raised money for the Special Wish Foundation, and was fun for the whole firm, was a lunchtime “carnival” where donations were made in exchange for a chance to hit firm owner, Keith Weiner, and several managers with a whipped cream pie.

The list of previous charities supported by KWA is long, but recent charities include: the Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless, the Patty Boyko Foundation, Cleveland Food Bank, Ohio , UH Rainbow Babies and Laura’s Home.

While non-profit organizations always welcome financial support, the Firm understands volunteer time is equally important.  Accordingly, KWA supports its employees in donating time to different causes. Firm employees have volunteered time to the Cleveland Kids’ Book Bank, the American Veterans’ Traveling Tribute Wall, the Ozanam Center where they handed out food and clothing, and even participated in one of its client’s national volunteer days. Firm attorneys have volunteered with Legal Aid to provide assistance to indigent individuals.  Additionally, this year, the Firm announced a new benefit, its Volunteer Time Off Policy. Employees are now able to take a full paid day to volunteer.  So far, employees have donated sixty (60) hours at various organizations.

The Firm has received gracious thank you cards from the organizations it has helped, and even a thank you cake.  These kind gestures encourage us to continue to find ways to do even more. Due to its strong commitment and innovative approaches to giving back through volunteer time, financial and personal donations, we ask that Keith D. Weiner & Associates Co. LPA and its employees be considered for the NCBA Community Service Award.