KWA Charity Committee Raises Funds to Fight Human Trafficking

KWA Charity Committee Raises Funds to Fight Human Trafficking
by KWA

By Keith Weiner

KWA’s Charity Committee continues to think of creative ways to fundraise.  Last week, the Charity Committee sponsored “Movie Day.”  Employees were able to watch one of two movies in our building’s theatre room by contributing $10.00.  Popcorn and other snacks were served.  The movies shown were Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Office Space.  KWA employees who participated received a paid 2-hour break and raised over $250 in one afternoon.

The funds will be added to the pot for this quarter’s sponsored charity, The Renee Jones Empowerment Center (RJEC). This organization has created an initiative called Project Red Cord, which provides awareness, education, and a human trafficking prevention program for teens. The RJEC describes Project Red Cord as “committed to providing life coaching and aftercare services to those with the courage to break the human trafficking cycle.” KWA invites you to visit The Renee Jones Empowerment Center’s website and learn more about Project Red Cord.

Next month I will reveal KWA’s Charity Committee’s next creative idea.  For a sneak peek of their outstanding work check out the Committee’s newsletter, Charity Chatter.

KWA’s Charity Committee consists of 6 employees consisting of staff personnel, a manager, and an attorney who are empowered to make decisions that make a difference in the community.  They are a great source of pride for our Firm.