Leadership Team

Leadership Team
by William Seelbach

KWA’s Leadership Team is made up of attorneys, managers, and non-manager leaders who meet regularly to discuss topics that impact the firm, such as: training, issue management, firm-wide projects, updates from the charity committee and change control committee, and maintaining the firm’s culture.

Keith Weiner

Keith Weiner
KWA Principal
Founded KWA 1985

Brandon Basich

Brandon Basich
Chief Financial Officer
With KWA since 2015

Mike Berkowitz

Michael Berkowitz
Managing Collection
With KWA since 2008

Rita Collazo

Rita Collazo
Support Staff Manager
With KWA since 2009

Nic Damore

Nicolaus D’Amore
Manager of Client
With KWA since 2013

Michael Gilner
Collection Manager
With KWA since 2010

Kim Hammond

Kim Hammond
Director of Foreclosure
With KWA since 1999

Brad Hanson

Brad Hanson
HR Manager
With KWA since 2017

Cindy Jeffrey

Cynthia Jeffrey
Director of Bankruptcy
With KWA since 2020

Mike Kepchar

Michael Kepchar
Business Development Manager
With KWA since 1997

Kyle Kerman

Kyle Kerman
IT Manager
With KWA since 2016

Michael Lewis

Michael Lewis
Compliance Attorney
With KWA since 2018

Sue Krasnicki

Sue Pastor
Managing Litigation Attorney
With KWA since 2007

Will Seelbach

William Seelbach
Compliance Analyst,
Change Control Lead
With KWA since 2005