Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Keith D. Weiner & Associates (“KWA”) is a law firm that represents creditors in the collection of debts. KWA has offices and attorneys in Ohio and Wisconsin. While we are responsible for representing our clients and collecting the debts that are owed to them, we strive to do so in a professional manner and treat all parties with dignity and respect. If one of your debts is assigned to us for collection, we encourage you to contact us. In today’s day and age security is paramount, so we will ask you some questions to verify your identity before we discuss any matter with you. We do this to protect you and your information. Below you will find some frequently asked questions (FAQ) that may be helpful to you.

How can I contact your law firm?

Please call our office at 216-771-6500 or 866-368-6500. Please send any regular mail to:

Keith D. Weiner & Assoc., Co., LPA
75 Public Square, 4th Floor
Cleveland, OH 44113

Can I email KWA about my debt?

KWA will review any emails sent to You may attach documents or submit information to that email address. Because email is not a secure form of communication, however, our firm cannot respond to you via email. If your email to us includes a phone number or mailing address where you can be reached, we will attempt to follow up with you that way.

Why does someone ask me for the last four digits of my Social Security number or my date of birth when I call to discuss my account?

KWA uses this information to verify that we are speaking with the correct person on the account before we disclose any information. KWA takes extensive measures, including this identity verification procedure, to ensure that your personal information is not improperly disclosed.

I received a letter informing me of a debt I owe. I cannot afford to pay this much. What can I do?

Depending on the nature of the debt at issue, our representatives may be authorized to accept a payment plan proposal. You can propose a payment plan by contacting our office at 216-771-6500 or 866-368-6500. You may also propose a payment plan at our payment website. Please note collection activity may continue on your account if your payment plan proposal is not accepted by KWA.

How can I make a payment?

Our firm accepts cash, checks, and certified funds. We do not accept credit card payments. We can set up check payments over the phone or at our payment website. KWA does not charge any fees for use of our check-by-phone or online payment options. Please call our office at 216-771-6500 or 866-368-6500 for more information or to set up checks by phone.

If your debt is owed to the State of Ohio, you may pay with a credit card by paying the State of Ohio directly here. Please note that there may be fees associated with direct credit card payments to the State.

Can I authorize a friend or family member to contact KWA on my behalf?

We cannot discuss your debt with another person without your authorization. If you would like to authorize us to discuss your account with someone, please download the Third Party Authorization Form and return it to us by fax, mail, or email by visiting our payment website and selecting “Third Party Authorization Letter” from the Optional Forms section at the bottom of the Identity Verification page. You can also call our office at 216-771-6500 or 866-368-6500 to give authorization by phone.

I tried to make a payment through your website, but it did not work. Why not?

Please call our office at 216-771-6500 or 866-368-6500 if you have problems using the website to make a payment.

Can I schedule recurring payments?

Yes. We can schedule recurring payments over the phone. Please call our office at 216-771-6500 or 866-368-6500 to use this option or for more information.

Can I schedule recurring payments through your website?

The payment website currently allows you to make only one payment at a time. Payments may be scheduled up to ten days in advance of the payment date. If you wish to make regular payments, such as monthly payments, through the website, you can do this by visiting the website every month to schedule your payment. If you wish to schedule a payment more than ten days in advance or to schedule multiple payments at one time, you can do this by calling our office at 216-771-6500 or 866-368-6500.

I was served with a complaint in a lawsuit. What should I do?

Our firm cannot give you legal advice. If you are represented by an attorney in this matter, please consult your attorney. Please read the documentation you received carefully. You may want to try to contact the court where the lawsuit was filed if you have questions about deadlines, hearing dates, etc. If you need additional information, you should consult your own attorney.

I submitted a payment to avoid garnishment in response to a “Notice of a Court Proceeding to Collect a Debt” that I received, but my payment was returned to me. Why was it returned?

Our firm cannot give you legal advice. If you are represented by an attorney in this matter, please consult your attorney. Please read the documentation you received carefully. The most common reason for payments being returned is that they were submitted without proof of income such as paystubs. If you submitted paystubs or it appears your payment was rejected for another reason, you can call our office at 216-771-6500 or 866-368-6500 for additional information.

How can I learn more about wage garnishment?

Our firm cannot give you legal advice. You may want to retain your own attorney to assist you. If you are represented by an attorney in this matter, please consult your attorney. You may find the following websites helpful in understanding the garnishment process:

This information should not be used as a substitute for legal advice.

I have paid off my debt but it is still appearing in my credit report. Will KWA remove it?

KWA does not report to credit bureaus. Credit bureaus may obtain information directly from the creditor or from the courts’ public records. If you wish to dispute a matter on your credit report, you should contact the credit bureau directly. KWA cannot submit a paid in full letter or a Satisfaction of Judgment to the credit bureaus on your behalf.

How can I obtain a paid-in-full letter or Satisfaction of Judgment regarding a debt that was paid?

Please contact the creditor whom you paid, e.g., KWA’s client, for a paid in full letter. Satisfactions of Judgment can be obtained through the court where they were filed.

I am interested in purchasing a property that is the subject of a foreclosure action brought by KWA. How do I do that?

If you are interested in a property that is the subject of a foreclosure, you may be able to purchase it from the owner, who is the defendant in the foreclosure action. KWA’s client is the plaintiff and cannot sell the property. Alternatively, you may bid on the property at a sheriff’s sale, if one is scheduled. Please contact the defendant to purchase directly from him or her. Please contact the sheriff in the county where the property is located for information about upcoming sheriff’s sales. If a sheriff’s sale has already taken place, you may attempt to purchase the property by contacting the realtor after it is listed for sale by the buyer.

Where can I find information regarding Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA)?

Information regarding SCRA can be found here:

American Bar Association Website
DMDC Website

This information should not be used as a substitute for legal advice.

Our Fees

Our fees are competitive and conform to industry standards. In most instances, the following fee arrangements are available:

1. Collection matters are handled on a contingency fee basis, but an hourly option is available and sometimes requested by clients who hold large balance claims. At a clients’ request, fees for collection matters can be billed on a per item flat fee basis for letters, pleadings, motions, and executions.

2. Uncontested foreclosures and related bankruptcy and eviction matters are most often billed on a flat fee basis according to the Fannie Mae guidelines. Contested matters, and counterclaims, generally require additional flat fee or hourly billing, subject to client approval;

3. Uncontested replevin cases are also handled on a flat fee basis. If the right to recover possession is opposed, the matter is converted to an hourly fee basis, upon client approval;

4. Mechanic’s lien matters are treated the same as replevin cases, unless they involve multiple properties, or otherwise relate to unusual subject matter;

5. Our firm is also pioneering the availability and use of alternative fee arrangements (“AFA’s”) for legal services that have traditionally been billed hourly. The availability of AFA’s is a product of our firm’s ambition to deliver legal services in an efficient and cost-effective manner, and help clients more effectively forecast and contain costs. AFA’s are available for an ever expanding range of matters, including litigation defense, discovery disputes, and appellate practice.