Month: August 2019

KWA Seeks Nomination for NCBA Community Service Award


Since 1985, Keith D. Weiner & Associates Co. LPA (KWA) has operated on the premise that the people at KWA make the difference when it comes to providing its clients with quality service, and inspiring client trust and confidence.  Likewise, KWA also believes its people can make a difference through their charitable works in the communities where the firm’s offices are located. Read more

Heir Who Pays Utilities for Home Inherited from Father Is Not a Consumer Under the FDCPA

by Christian Niklas Christian Niklas

A basic premise of debt collection law is that a creditor cannot collect a debt from someone whom does not owe that debt. However, what if one were to flip that premise? What if a person whom didn’t owe a debt filed suit under the FDCPA against a law firm which previously filed an “in rem” foreclosure action and named that person as a party in the foreclosure action? Read more

FHA Foreclosure Prevention Act of 2019 Introduced

by Kim Hammond Kim Hammond

Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA), Chairwoman of the House Committee on Financial Services, introduced The FHA Foreclosure Prevention Act of 2019 in an attempt to combat foreclosures for borrowers with FHA mortgages.  The Act would increase HUD oversight of FHA mortgage servicers in an effort to make sure every homeowner with an FHA mortgage is given fair opportunities to avoid foreclosure once they have defaulted. Read more