Technology & Security

KWA employs state of the art information technology and security systems in order to enhance our productivity and accuracy as well as to protect our client’s data. We are continuously meeting or exceeding our client’s security requirements and exploring new methods to improve upon our physical and technical infrastructures. The highlights of our information technology and security systems are as follows:

Physical Data Security

  • Call Recording & Call Accounting
  • Electronically controlled Key card access issued to all employees to monitor office entry points
  • Electronically controlled Key card access to server and file rooms with limited pre-designated access based upon employment position
  • 24/7 closed circuit video cameras located inside and directly outside of server and file rooms, all entry points, lobbies and work areas
  • Security Alarm System monitored after business hours and weekends
  • Triple locked layers of security between outside office building and file data
  • Visitor Sign-in Log & Chaperone Policy

Desktop/Network Data Security

  • Issuance of individual ID and passwords to each employee for access to Network & Case Management Systems (Passwords change regularly)
  • Security Roles built into Case Management System to control access to system and limit use of system features and information based upon personnel position and/or authority
  • Network and Case Management System access logging, creating an audit trail of data entries by user and successful and unsuccessful login attempts
  • Software installed on all workstations prohibiting use of unapproved or unknown external devices such as flash drives, memory sticks, etc.
  • Anti-virus software installed on all workstations
  • Workstations updated regularly with pre tested Microsoft Security Patches
  • Use of encryption software when communicating PII data via electronic messaging

Disaster Recovery

  • All Network Servers are backed up to a Backup Disaster Recovery Device, located in access-controlled, video-monitored, locked server room located within our office space
  • Encrypted backup of all data in 15 minute intervals throughout workday. Backups are then replicated via a 10MB internet connection to a secondary offsite BDR located at Designated Network Operations Center, (NOC)
  • Verification of all data back up and restoration is confirmed monthly and a complete DR data restoration test is performed every 6 months
  • Secondary mobile office space with network and desktop computers, phone system, internet access and workstations provided by third party vendor
  • Network server and desktop systems are monitored 24/7 by a third-party vendor, responsible for health of network, including desktops and server patch management systems, ensuring the latest Microsoft security updates are installed
  • We maintain a complete Disaster Recovery Plan with assigned roles for key personnel which we can produce for inspection upon request

Case Management & Third Party Software

  • Proprietary Windows based case management system with integrated document imaging/workflow and complete billing/accounting features
  • Developed using Sybase PowerBuilder Enterprise edition
  • Application data housed within a Microsoft SQL Server database
  • Customizable system providing Firm with complete flexibility to monitor key industry and clients metrics with ad hoc reporting, in order to meet specific needs and allow for transparency for audits and case management
  • Our Case Management System Software is supported 24/7 by an on-site third party vendor providing exclusive IT services to our Firm
  • Secured Web Based Access for Online view of accounts via our website
  • Integrated access to Ohio Court Dockets directly from our Case Management System
  • Foreclosure Third Party Software:
    • LPS Desktop / Newtrak
    • Lenstar
    • Vendorscape
    • Nu-Invoice
    • I-Clear CounselLink
  • Collections Third Party Software:
    • You’ve Got Claims (YGC)
    • Fair Issac (DPS)
    • Aim by Latitude
    • CUBS by Columbia Ultimate
    • LexisNexis Collection Solutions
    • Accurint
    • Check by Phone
    • Online Credit Bureau Reports
    • Credit Bureau Triggers
    • The Work Number
    • TLO
    • Verifacts

Our Fees

Our fees are competitive and conform to industry standards. In most instances, the following fee arrangements are available:

1. Collection matters are handled on a contingency fee basis, but an hourly option is available and sometimes requested by clients who hold large balance claims. At a clients’ request, fees for collection matters can be billed on a per item flat fee basis for letters, pleadings, motions, and executions.

2. Uncontested foreclosures and related bankruptcy and eviction matters are most often billed on a flat fee basis according to the Fannie Mae guidelines. Contested matters, and counterclaims, generally require additional flat fee or hourly billing, subject to client approval;

3. Uncontested replevin cases are also handled on a flat fee basis. If the right to recover possession is opposed, the matter is converted to an hourly fee basis, upon client approval;

4. Mechanic’s lien matters are treated the same as replevin cases, unless they involve multiple properties, or otherwise relate to unusual subject matter;

5. Our firm is also pioneering the availability and use of alternative fee arrangements (“AFA’s”) for legal services that have traditionally been billed hourly. The availability of AFA’s is a product of our firm’s ambition to deliver legal services in an efficient and cost-effective manner, and help clients more effectively forecast and contain costs. AFA’s are available for an ever expanding range of matters, including litigation defense, discovery disputes, and appellate practice.